Manor House Candle Holder

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Nautical Shiny Nickel Finish Candle Holder and Decorative Finish Candle Holder For Home and Wedding and Parties (13 Inches)

we supplied floral containers, candle accessories and home decor to florists and gift stores across the country. Today we are India’s leading supplier of candle, floral accessories and home decor for people of all ages. Our brands are recognized and trusted for delivering high quality and innovation at exceptional values and artistic expression and the product lines are designed to allow for expression of your home, party or celebration and make it uniquely your own.

Exclusive candle holder made of glossy silver aluminum. Use the candle holder as the centerpiece on your beautifully laid table or as a cozy source of light on your windowsill and let the flame from the candle create peace and harmony throughout the room. We have created a wide range of candle holders in a multitude of colors, shapes and materials, all of which are designed to make it possible for you to mix and match and create your very own personal style.

It is Shiny Candle Holder to use in Home Décor Any lovely place where you are live And Garden Area And Restaurant And Wedding place also. It is Lovely gift too give you Lovely person.

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Material Aluminum
Finish/Color Nickel
Size​ of Product (in cm) 6.4(L) x6(W)x13.8(H) inches