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Kriya Gift Set

Sale priceRs. 3,549

Introducing our Artistic Wooden Wall Plate and Wax-Filled Urli Gift Set – a celebration of culture, craftsmanship, and elegance. This curated collection brings together a captivating Printed Wooden Wall Plate and a Wax-Filled Urli, both thoughtfully designed to infuse your space with charm and grace. Presented in a beautifully crafted gift box, this set is a testament to the beauty of tradition and innovation.

Printed Wooden Wall Plate:
Elevate your décor with the timeless allure of our Printed Wooden Wall Plate. Expertly crafted, this wooden masterpiece showcases intricate designs that pay homage to cultural heritage and artistic expression. The vibrant prints add a pop of color and visual interest, transforming any wall into a canvas of creativity. Whether displayed as a standalone art piece or incorporated into a larger gallery, this wall plate is a conversation starter that captures attention and admiration.

Wax-Filled Urli:
Experience the soothing essence of our Wax-Filled Urli, a fusion of traditional design and modern functionality. Crafted with care, the urli features intricate patterns that evoke a sense of grace and elegance. The urli is thoughtfully filled with scented wax, allowing you to enjoy the calming flicker of candlelight and the gentle aroma that wafts through your space. The combination of design and ambience makes this urli a striking centerpiece for relaxation and tranquility.

Elegant Gift Box:
Our Artistic Wooden Wall Plate and Wax-Filled Urli Gift Set comes impeccably packaged in a sophisticated gift box. Designed to impress, the box not only secures these treasures but also adds an extra layer of delight to the gifting experience. Ideal for housewarmings, festivals, or any occasion, this set reflects your appreciation for beauty, tradition, and the joy of sharing meaningful gifts.

Discover the artistry and elegance of our Artistic Wooden Wall Plate and Wax-Filled Urli Gift Set. Whether you're looking to adorn your own living space or searching for a gift that speaks volumes of your taste, this ensemble adds a touch of cultural richness and modern flair to any environment. Embrace the fusion of tradition and innovation, and invite the beauty of art and ambience into your life and the lives of your loved ones."

Kriya Gift Set Sale priceRs. 3,549